The genetic information of cells, the original form of things, is identified with the form of DNA. This is why the reproduction, the sign, of the helical structure of DNA constitutes the conceptual basis of a project whose ultimate goal is to translate into a highly effective tool with which to travel in all the world products and stories of Italian industry.

DNA becomes a symbol of Italian production, reproducible in all dimensions, from the tiny one (of a gadget) to that of an exhibition macrosystem of hundreds of square meters. DNA is therefore the genesis of Italian production, its being a constituent element of the country. Postpone to the basic dimension that interacts and evolves in infinite complex combinations.

DNA is the form of the story of Italian industry in the world. Because from design to fashion, from food to the most advanced technology, all products share the synthesis of information of history, culture, geography, community that determines to be “Italian”.

This is a modular set-up system that makes it possible to propose a high-grade system recognizability in exhibition spaces with the most different characteristics. The great advantage of a form so much versatile is in the absolute absence of a dimensional constraint. The variety of dimensional interpretations, chromatic and materials allows this layout scheme an extraordinary identifiability conjugated to an infinite range of interpretations. The DNA helix pattern is found simultaneously in vertical and horizontal development: it welcomes objects, and becomes a session or a place for consultation.